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Process capabilities

Our products including:  

  1. Various kinds of Rigid PCBs from 2 to 28 layers of boards, etc
  2. Various kinds of Flexible PCBs from single layer to 6 layers, etc
  3. Various kinds of Aluminum PCBs from single layer to 4 layers, etc
  4. Various kinds of Flexible-Rigid PCBs and HDI PCBs for support high-level of design, etc.

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About Inter-J

Inter-J is a industrial leader in Printed Circuit Board Fabrication services in China, we focus on Hi-End and Hi-Precision QTA sample, Prototype and Small-to-Medium-sized job manufacturing. The stability of our high quality and on-time delivery brought us high recognition from worldwide customers. We also have service to sourcing components for customers.

Our products are widely used in variety of industries including but not limited to: 

Communications, Industrial Control, Computers and Medical Instruments, we are also the key supplier to Hi-Tech markets of Automotive, Aerospace and Military Defense.

Company advantages

Corporate spirit : Honesty foremost, win-win development.

Business philosophy : People-oriented, manufacture quality products, expand enterprise, benefit society.

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